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The company mainly engages in the design and supply of water treatment systems and equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial section. Our business objective is to provide effective & efficient design and service to clients.

The company specializes in process design and supply of water treatment systems for semi-conductor industries, potable water systems, boiler and HVAC treatment system to hotels and commercial complex in Hong Kong, Macau and PR China.

To match our business activities, we represent various water treatment equipment and plants from Europe and USA. With the rapid market expansion in China and Macau, we have our own affiliate manufacturing capacity and installation and service team and thus manufacture or fabricate tailor made & specially designed equipment or systems in a very competitive way.

To pursue for the business mission of provision for quality equipment and service, the company seeks for internationally recognized quality assurance and was accredited for ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.


公司主要從事設計及供應水處理系統及設備的住宅, 商業和工業部分. 我們經營宗旨是提供有效和高效的設計和服務給客戶.

本公司專業從事工藝設計和供應水處理系統的半導體產業. 飲用水系統, 鍋爐和空調處理系統, 以酒店和商業綜合體, 在香港, 澳門及中國大陸.

為了配合我們的業務活動, 我司代理來自歐洲和美國的各種水處理設備. 隨著中國及澳門市場的快速拓展, 我們有聯盟製造能力, 安裝 及服務團隊, 能優勢競爭地製造或度身訂造及特別設計的設備或系統.

隨著質量的不斷提高, 在產品設計和質量不斷增長的需求, 本公司已取得國際認證 ISO9001:2008 及 ISO14001:2004.

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