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The company established at 1999 mainly engaged in the design and supply of water treatment systems and equipment for commercial and industrial sections. Our business objective is to provide effective & efficient design and service to clients.

Electro-Orient Engineering Limited is being run by an experienced team with key managerial, engineering and sales personnel from well-known water treatment multi-national corporate.

The company specialized in process design and supply of ultrapure water systems for semi-conductor industries, potable water systems, boiler and HVAC treatment system to hotels and commercial complex, purified water equipment for laboratory and hospital in Hong Kong, Macau and P R China.

To match our business activities, we represent various water treatment equipment and plants from Europe and USA. With the rapid market expansion in China and countries in the vicinity, we have our ISO certified affiliate manufacturing capacity at Shenzhen China to manufacture and fabricate tailor made & specially designed equipment or systems in a very competitive way.

With the growing demand for quality and continuous improvement in product design and quality management, the company has developed a division focusing on water quality consultation improvement and test.



公司為商業和工業領域用户在工業用純水及半導體用超純水系統、飲用水系統、鍋爐和暖通空調處理系統、實驗室和醫院純化水應用范畴,提供工藝設計、供應處理設備及系統。主要業務範圍覆蓋香港, 澳門和中國

緊随中國及週邊國家市場的快速擴張,為了配合我們的業務活動, 除代理來自歐洲和美國的各種水處理設備,我司聨盟深圳擁有完善生產能力及具國際質量認證業務伙伴設計生產水處理系統和設備,使能以極具競爭力的方式度身訂造客製專門設計的設備或系統。


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